Certofix ECG Duo V715 Surgical 1 ‘S

  • Certofix ECG Duo V715 Surgical has an ECG-guided placement system, which helps ensure correct placement of the catheter.
  • The device is made of biocompatible materials, such as silicone and polyurethane.
  • Certofix ECG Duo V715 Surgical is a single-use, sterile device and should be used only by trained medical professionals.
  • The product should be used with caution in patients with coagulation disorders, as there is a risk of bleeding.
  • Some potential complications of CVCs include infection, thrombosis, air embolism, and pneumothorax.
  • Patients who experience fever, redness, swelling, pain, or other symptoms at the insertion site should contact their healthcare provider immediately.
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  • Certofix ECG Duo V715 Surgical is a type of central venous catheter (CVC).
  • The catheter is used for hemodialysis, infusion of medication, parenteral nutrition, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures.
  • The device has two lumens – one for blood sampling and infusion, and another for measuring central venous pressure (CVP) and administering medications.
  • The catheter is placed in a large vein near the heart, such as the jugular vein or subclavian vein.