Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml


Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml belongs to a group of medicines called analgesics or painkillers.It is used to treat mild to moderate pain and reduce fever.The medicine is effective against mild headaches, toothaches,backaches, menstrual cramps,colds and even mild joint pain. 

Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml can be used in combination with other medicines or alone as directed by the physician.Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml is available in many different formulations such as tablet,syrup and suspension form;multiple formulations aid in providing the precise dosage to patients of varying ages.Dosage of Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml is dependent entirely upon the patient’s pain symptoms and age. Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml may be ingested either with or without food,with a glass of water to help ease the passage of tablet in the throat and to dilute the medicinal taste of Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml in syrup form.Kindly do not take any medicine without a physician’s prescription. 

Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml usually does not cause any side effects and is prescribed by the physician after weighing the benefits over the risks in every individual case.It can very rarely elicit a serious allergic reaction causing rashes, difficulty in breathing and swelling which requires immediate medical intervention.Before ingesting Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml,kindly inform your doctor if you are suffering from any liver or kidney dysfunction.Amole 60mg Drop 15 ml is advised with caution in alcoholics and malnourished individuals.

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