Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S

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10 'S






Trimethylphloroglucinol 0.04 mg + Phloroglucinol 40 mg


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Prescription Required


How to use, Side effects, Uses, Formula & Composition


Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is taken to help ease spasmodic muscles in the stomach. The spasms/cramps can cause moderate to severe pain in humans suffering from illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome and chronic irritable colon.

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is available in tablet or solution form (ampule). Dosage is dependent on the patient’s stage of illness, age, weight, any diseases the patient might be suffering from and any adverse effects the patient might feel. Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is safe to be prescribed to pregnant (except in the first trimester), lactating and elderly patients. There isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is safe or unsafe to administer/prescribe to patients aged under 18 years and therefore, not prescribed to young patients.

A lower dosage of the drug may be prescribed to elderly patients with other illnesses (such as kidney and liver impairment). The intake of alcohol is prohibited while undergoing treatment with Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S as it may cause dizziness. Nausea, fatigue, headache, and stomach problems are just a few of the common side effects felt by patients while ingesting Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S, these effects tend to resolve on their own in a few days.


Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S can be used to treat spasms associated with:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome 
  • Delayed labor
  • Dysentery renal colic 
  • Biliary colic dysmenorrhea 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Expulsion of kidney stones 
  • Menstrual cramps 
  • Dysmenorrhea 
  • Premenstrual syndrome 

How Does Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S Work?

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is known as an anticholinergic that acts on the smooth muscles in the stomach and helps ease cramps/spasms by relaxing the muscles.

How To Use Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S?

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S comes in tablet form. Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S can be taken orally with or without water. Do not crush Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S and swallow as wholes.


The recommended dosage is:

  • 1 tablet 3 times daily
  • maximum 6 tablets daily 

Pregnancy Use and Lactation

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is safe to be prescribed to pregnant women except in their first trimester of pregnancy. Lactating women can ingest Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S safely under the supervision and care of a physician, as lactating women have a higher need for calcium and therefore, it might be necessary to prescribe calcium along with treatment with Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S.


Please tell your doctor if you have a history of any of the following before using Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S:

  • Allergy to Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S or any other medicine or food substance 
  • Carcinomas of liver 
  • Carcinomas of the pancreas 
  • Hypercalcemia 
  • Severe hypercalciuria 
  • Moderate to severe heart impairment 
  • Hyperparathyroidism 
  • Paralytic ileus 
  • Mechanical stenosis of the GIT (gastrointestinal tract)


Please tell your doctor about any of the following conditions before using Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Lactation 
  • Mild hypercalciuria 
  • History of kidney stones 
  • Mild to moderate renal (kidney) impairment 
  • Mild to moderate liver impairment 

Interactions With Other Medications

Please tell your doctor about the use of the following before using Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S:

  • Digitalis 
  • Morphine 
  • Other narcotics 
  • Anticoagulants 
  • Calcitonin 
  • Chlorpromazine 
  • Iron 
  • Nalidixic acid 
  • Oxyphenbutazone 
  • Sodium para-amino salicylate 
  • Penicillins 
  • Pentobarbital 
  • Tetracycline 
  • Vitamin A 
  • Spinach 
  • Corticosteroids 
  • Thiazide diuretics 
  • Quinidine 
  • Salicylates
  • Alcohol 
  • Tobacco 
  • Phenytoin 

Adverse Effects

Common Adverse Effects

Like most medicines, Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S has certain side effects which include:

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Diarrhea 

These effects tend to be mild and resolve in a few days of taking Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S.

Rare Adverse Effects

If any of the following adverse effects are seen or felt, the patient is advised to immediately contact their doctor.

  • Epigastric pain 
  • Facial flushing 
  • Itching
  • Erythema 
  • Vertigo 

How To Cope with Some of The Adverse Effects

  • Dry Mouth

Can be helped by sipping water throughout the day, chewing sugarless gum, using alcohol-free mouthwash, allowing ice to melt in the mouth, or using a saliva substitute.

  • Feeling drowsy

If the medication makes you feel drowsy or sleepy, stop what you’re doing and sit or lie down until you feel better, and do not rise too fast or immediately from a sitting or lying down position to a standing posture. Do not drive or use tools or machinery in case of any of these effects.

  • Feeling or being sick (nausea or vomiting) or diarrhea

Avoid eating rich or spicy food. It might help to take medication after food. If you’re sick, try drinking small, frequent sips of water. If you have diarrhea, replenish with plenty of water or other fluids. 

Key Facts About Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S

  • Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is prescribed to patients suffering from IBS, menstrual cramps 
  • Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is safe to be prescribed to pregnant women
  • Alcohol use with Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is prohibited while undergoing treatment 
  • Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S may cause nausea, drowsiness, and dry mouth 


#1.HOW TO STORE Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S?

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is to be kept away from the reach of children, in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity as that tends to ruin certain drugs.

#2. WHAT IF I TAKE TOO MUCH OF Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S?

In case of too much consumption by accident, kindly contact your doctor or nearby hospital straight away. The amount of medication that can result in severe side effects varies from person to person. An overdose results in slowing down of heart rate and difficulty breathing accompanied by dizziness and fainting spells.

#3. WHAT IF I MISS A DOSE OF Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S?

If you miss a dose of the medication, make sure you take it as soon as possible on that same day. If you don’t remember you missed the dose until the next dosage time or the next day, do not double the dose and take your medication as per schedule.

#4. HOW IS Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN?

Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S comes in tablet form. Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is taken orally. 


No, there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest that patients experience a decrease in libido.

#6. CAN I TAKE Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S DURING MY PREGNANCY?

Yes, Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is deemed safe to be ingested during pregnancy. Except during the first trimester.


This medication is known to make you dizzy hence if that happens kindly avoid driving or operating any heavy machinery.

#8. CAN I CONSUME ALCOHOL WITH Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S?

Alcohol is also known to lower your blood pressure which if taken with the medication may lead to extreme dizziness. It is best to avoid the intake of alcohol during your treatment.


Spasrid Tablet 10 ‘S is prescribed to be applied for 1-2 weeks or as advised by your doctor.


Yes. It can cause dizziness as one of the most common side effects. If this happens, you should sit or lie down until the symptoms pass. However, please note this is temporary and usually goes away as the treatment continues. It is also advised to avoid the consumption of alcohol during your treatment, as it may worsen the dizziness.